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The company’s revenue for the quarter was .38 billion, marginally higher than analysts’ expectations.

However, the company’s SSSG (same-store sales growth) stood at 2.5%, falling short of analysts’ expectation of 4.2%.

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Awareness about sustainably-farmed paper is relatively new among most corporations.

Even the most progressive office supply companies, such as Fed Ex Office and Office Depot, only have environmental paper policies dating back to 2002.

As time goes on, Hall and Forest Ethics expect their ratings to improve.“If the scorecard serves as a wake-up call, that’s great.

We also hope it will serve as an invitation to talk to us,” Hall said.

Lowe’s management had blamed the convergence of cost pressure, significant changes to its merchandising organization, and its ineffective pricing tools and processes for lower-than-expected EPS.

The lower-than-anticipated EPS and lowering of EPS guidance by the company’s management for 2019 had led the company’s stock price to fall 13.4% since the announcement of its first-quarter earnings.Last year was tough for home improvement companies.The SPDR S&P Homebuilders ETF (XHB), which invests ~21.2% of its holdings in home improvement and home furnishing companies, fell 26.5%."I’ve been to the Depot many times with other moms. (Photo Agency)more pics “We were in India [for Halloween last year], and Brad and the kids and I had an odd celebration in the hotel we were staying at.We had candy sent up, which we said was from the saints.” - Angelina Jolie “I don’t care how many [magazine] covers you’re on.YTD (year-to-date), Home Depot has returned 14.5%, while the S&P 500 Index has increased by 12.7% during the same period.

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