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If you want to try counseling and your partner doesn't, experts say don't give up."Tell them you are worried for the relationship, that you love them and want their help in making it succeed," Doherty says. You have it over and over, and you don't take no for an answer." If all else fails, try therapy alone, Mc Nulty says.For some couples, professional counseling is the answer.

Some hospitals and social service organizations have referral services.

Local chapters of the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy, the National Association of Social Workers, or the American Psychological Association may be able to help, too.

"Most people are far more aware of how their partner is contributing to the problems in the relationship than they are.

When we can't ‘fix’ ourselves, sometimes we need a third party's perspective." The main complaints couples bring to therapy are "losing connection and high levels of conflict," Doherty says.

And that is where counseling helps." Over the first few sessions, expect the therapist to interview both of you -- together and sometimes separately.

After that, the therapist should give you feedback and a plan for treatment.

Maybe you are feeling more hope or seeing changes at home. Maybe there is less conflict, or arguments are not so bad when you have them." "I encourage people to see someone who specializes in marriage counseling -- at least 30% of their practice,” Doherty says.

“They have seen it all, and they will roll up their sleeves and help you." Ask your friends, doctors, or clergy for names of counselors they know and recommend.

"My research shows that 'growing apart' is the single biggest reason people give for divorce.

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