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Even vermiculite, the small white Styrofoam-like pellets found in potting soil, contains asbestos. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and similar agencies in Europe began certifying professionals in asbestos identification and removal.

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The '80s were also marked by hysteria over asbestos.

In the 1970s, it became increasingly clear that exposure to this fibrous material had the potential to cause cancer and other respiratory problems.

Through the decades, a lot of asbestos has been removed from buildings throughout the world, but there's plenty more still in place.

And since removing asbestos is dangerous -- not to mention expensive -- is it better to have it removed or to just leave it alone?

This is due to the time it takes for the body to develop symptoms after exposure to asbestos (latency).

Exposure to asbestos can cause four main diseases: You can get further detailed information on these diseases from the HSE website.

The asbestos is separated into single fibers and added to products as a flame retardant or used as insulation.

Paint, insulation, fiberboard, siding, soundproofing tiles, roof shingles, floor tile and cement have all included asbestos at one time or another, and some of these products still remain in some homes.

As if Hurricane Katrina didn't cause enough problems, the storm also disturbed asbestos present in older homes.

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