Dating artillery hat badge

Package has been opened and then closed and stapled. It is two piece construction held together with 2 "studs" (see photos). These are usually found as a patch and not a metal pin.

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The two anti-rotation studs are lower than usually seen, these being on the olive branch and arrows.

In addition to the small size the type of fastener supports this early device.

The King's Colours of the two Battalions are quite different (see 2nd Battalion Scots Guards), although the same Honours are borne on all the colours of the regiment.

Known formerly as the "Third Regiment of Foot Guards", the buttons on the Scots Guards coats are placed in sets of three.

The Badge of the Scots Guards is the Star of the Order of the Thistle, and this is used as a Cap Badge by all ranks.

The motto of the regiment if "Nemo me impune lacessit" (No-one touches me with impunity).

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The nuts with it are the early "flat faced" type and one of them is Sterling Silver.

Some of the gold plate finish is worn off the front exposing the silver. They are a high domed disk measuring about 1-1/16" in diameter.

As can be seen by comparison with 1st Battalion Scots Guards, the device in the centre of the King's Colour of the two battalions of the Scots Guards differs, while following the rule of all the second battalions in the Brigade of Guards, the Union Jack is placed in the corner.

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