Dating and marrage in perm russia

It was the latest gathering of the Peter and Fevronia Club, a sort of speed-dating night for Moscow's Orthodox Christians.

"This man is violating God's law, and that is not good.

Do not take his example." The author of the second note wanted to know whether he should marry a priest's daughter.

They offer access to an exclusive community in exchange for heightened scrutiny and compliance with a strict code of conduct. There are also separate tests on love (titled "Do you know love?

To register on Alphabet of Fidelity, one must fill out an electronic form consisting of 78 detailed questions about lifestyle choices, religious practices, and political views, ranging from "Would you consider a marriage without carnal knowledge? " Other questions relate to clothing style, views on gender and preferred speaking register. "), on personality traits, and on the foundations of Christianity.

Each meeting of the Peter and Fevronia Club begins with joint prayer.

Then, after a period of free conversation, all eyes turn to Gomonov, who grabs a mic to address questions submitted anonymously on small slips of paper. "Father, if a man insists he will not have kids, what is to be done? "God created a man and a woman and said go forth and multiply," Gomonov replied, his tone suddenly impassioned.

Yekaterina Gromova, Gomonov's assistant and the club's main coordinator, said attendance at club evenings regularly exceeds 120.

The majority of people are between the ages of 25 and 40, and men tend to be slightly outnumbered.

Off came the thick winter coats, and out came the smartphones.

Numbers were traded, eye contact held or averted, and a subdued atmosphere of piety gave way to flirtation and giggles.

The Peter and Fevronia Club may be the largest weekly gathering of Orthodox singles in Russia, but believers on the market aren't short of resources to aid their search.

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