Dating a sociopath stories

That is where he is from originally and his whole family still lives there.

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Never living anywhere but NY all my life, it scared me a little, but... We had such a good time and his family was wonderful.

I'm 30 years old, open-minded and never really had a reason to move out of state until now. They welcomed me in and we even stayed with them while we visited.

I was so excited to meet his family as he had already been getting to know mine for a year now.

Since we were already going out there, he asked me to really look at Chicago as a place to potentially move should he get the job and accept.

He told me that was disturbing and that he is concerned I have trust issues.

I felt bad for what I did but I pointed out how what he did still didn't seem right.

He confessed they went out for drinks twice and after work and that he didn't tell me because he was afraid how I would react.

Still I didn't think that was reason to lie by omission.

NOTE: My story is very long, however, I feel the details are important (I also think it's very therapeutic to get your feelings out by writing).

Thanks in advance for those of you taking the time to read it.

The duration of the calls to her lasted from 15 - 85 minutes, often calling her late at night after he had already said goodnight to me. They had been talking business for a couple of months now and he explained the phone calls as getting to know someone whom he felt comfortable talking to about their hometown.

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