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Better, more consistent communication is really something that I need. We've been dating two months and have had penetrative sex three times - all three instances have been very quick (two-three minutes, tops).

Every other time we've attempted to have sex, he's lost his erection when he goes to put a condom on.

Although it's only two small requests, they seem so selfish in contrast to what he's dealing with.

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I’m too new to know I’m doing.” “I don’t have healthy boundaries, and I’m trying to change that,” says Jeff T., an addict with just under a year sober. “Take the time to find yourself and know your worth. Its advice is this: Seek the counsel of others, but ultimately, it’s between you and your Higher Power. “I don’t understand them, and they don’t understand me.

A lot of people have a hard time doing that if they date right away. If you’re skilled at deciphering what your HP wants for you at all times, why are you still reading? But if that’s still a work in progress for you, keep reading. Or someone who knows you really well and whose opinion you trust. Besides, I want to share my recovery life with my partner.” This is 100 percent up to you. Most of the normie world is participating in online dating, and maybe it’s time you did, too.

If I text or call during the day he'll respond, but he rarely initiates.

I'm not looking to be attached to my phone all day, but I don't think it should that much of a chore to send a quick "good morning" text or make a five-minute phone call sometime during the day just to check in.

Garth had two years sober and he, too, was technically living in a halfway house, although he was managing it. Put it out into the Universe that you’re ready, then see what happens.

Garth and Ashley probably did everything this article says not to. Three-plus years later they are both still sober, still madly in love, with a beautiful 2-year-old daughter and a son on the way.

They fell in love right out of the gate; she got loaded several times in succession; he hung around against advice of sponsor and friends; she got pregnant; he proposed when neither one had the proverbial pot to pee in; they took off to Vegas. They just moved into a house, they run a successful business and they continue to be a force for love and freedom in the lives of countless others who are recovering. This article is full of sound advice, and you should probably take it.

Last night my boyfriend of two months admitted to me that he is a recovering alcoholic with approximately a year and a half of sobriety under his belt.

I stay single by choice, because I’m still working on myself.” Most people who have been around a while have a horror story or two (or 10) about dating in early recovery, whether it’s their own or that of a sponsee or friend. If the opportunity presents itself and you want to date a normie, give it a shot — as long as you are in fit spiritual condition first. As happens in life, every now and then a couple turns up and proves all of the above advice wrong. Single and Sober is committed to connecting single, sober people who are looking for healthy and loving relationships.

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