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Experts agree, one of the greatest ways to decrease anxiety linked to first dates is entering the meeting with a plan.No, you don’t need talking points on index cards or a script you’ve rehearsed, but a solid strategy to increase the chances of chemistry can’t hurt.

Who knows, follow these suggestions and it just might be your first date (wink).

"Though you and your date may already overlap in areas like education or religion, it’s vital to build rapport on other topics too," says relationship expert and sociologist Dr. “Try to draw parallels between their experiences and interests and your own,” adds Carbino, who has lead research for Bumble and Tinder.

If a mutual friend set you up, unpack how each of you knows them. If you’re not sure how to jump into a conversation, comment about something in your environment.

For starters, you could ask them if they've ever been to the coffee shop, park or wherever they proposed to meet, before, or if they spend significant time in that neighborhood, says Carbino.

But here’s the thing: That approach might work in high school…

but when you’ve met someone special you need to show her you care by getting to know her on a personal level.

To determine if your person of interest is relational or self-centered, note if they inquire about you at all, recommends Dr. “When you answer, do they immediately turn it into talking about themselves, or can they stay on you for any time at all,” he says.

Granted, there could also be nerves involved (often, it's easier to ramble) but this is something still worthy of cueing into.

Questions of spirituality start great conversations. It’s how couples grow and learn to support each other better. Here is a downloadable list of personal questions to ask a girl Before you use any of these questions repeat this phrase to yourself: Tread lightly.

Add these deep questions questions to ask your girlfriend to your next dinner or phone conversation for deeper, more personal talks. Remember that personal questions to ask a girl are meant to get to know her on a deeper level.

With the right questions to ask, you’ll show her how interesting you find her.

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