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About thirty will actually show up at the house this weekend.A few guys are scheduled to appear soon — a salesman, a printing-press operator and a college student who has revealed that his uncle is a captain at a nearby police department. “Ikeman coming from the south, in a blue Chevy Impala. ” Everyone turns their attention to the camera following the Impala as it disgorges Ikeman, a.k.a. “I was going to get them after I met you because I was so paranoid,” Donnelly says, looking around.“It’s just like what you see on the news.” “I don’t watch the news! And I heard there’s cops who pretend they’re girls and shit like that.” He laughs as his body finally relaxes, like a cat finding a patch of sun. Just then, Chris Hansen streaks toward him, a camera crew not far behind.

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Twenty-four states now forbid sex offenders from living near a host of public places — including schools, parks, day-care centers and bus stops — effectively shutting them out of many cities.

Florida and Oklahoma require some sex offenders to submit to GPS monitoring for the rest of their lives.

(Added bonus: Local prosecutors wrote her college a note so she could get out of a chemistry test.) Casey gabs to potential predators on the phone. For those downstairs, is just a TV show; for those upstairs, hunting predators is both the coolest online game they’ve ever known and a life calling.

“Come on over, we’re not going to get caught,” she says. My dad gave me plenty of money for the weekend.” When the guy fails to take the bait, her voice rises in pitch. Many members of Perverted Justice use pseudonyms, keeping their real names secret even from one another. At twenty-five, she’s a computer geek’s fantasy female: androgynous, beautiful, pierced, with comprehensive musical knowledge and a house overrun by pet Maine coons and an iguana.

Except Dateline sends people to jail and claims a high-minded purpose: warning the American public about what it calls a “growing national epidemic.” To transform a house into a giant flytrap for sexual predators, it takes more than forty people, many of whom are hanging out in the living room on this Friday afternoon.

There’s the face of the operation: host Chris Hansen, a blond correspondent, discussing helicopter trips to more glamorous assignments with his producer.

One hopped on a motorcycle for the six-hour drive from Pennsylvania; another grabbed a train from New York in a Sponge Bob Square Pants jacket, armed with a bottle of K-Y Jelly.

One by one, they pull up to this white shingled, weather-beaten house at the edge of the Atlantic Ocean, with no cars in the driveway and the window shades drawn.

“How much more gratifying does it get than finding guys who are about to molest children and putting them in jail?

Not many Americans have that.” In reality, though, the stings conducted by Perverted Justice are essentially designed to reportedly pays Perverted Justice 0,000 per sting, the group is able to provide its services to the cops for free.

In many ways, it is a subcontracted police force, with Del and Frag even deputized by local cops for one Dateline sting.

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