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Note: The Tables member of Data Set represents all Data Table objects attached to a Data Set. Adding a Data Row to a Data Table Dim row1 As Data Row = ds. To test this source code create a Windows application, drop a Data Grid, and three buttons- Insert Command, Update Command, and Delete Command to the form.Listing 5-46 Creates a new Data Row, sets the data of Data Row members, and adds rows to the table using the Add method of Data Table. Listing 5-48 show the code on the Insert Command button-click event.

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For example, if you call Delete on a row on the Data Set, then when Update is called on the Data Adapter, the Delete Command of the Data Adapter will be called using the particular row in the Data Set.

Note: Keep in mind that this Update is different than a SQL UPDATE statement.

To insert, update, and delete data using a Data Adapter, you create an Ole Db Command object with INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE statements and set the Insert Command, Update Command, and Delete Command properties of the data adapter to Ole Db Command.

You can avoid building Command objects manually by using Command Builder.

NET Thank's (if you try to help me) Hope this help you (if I try to help you) ruca I think that the rest you wrore is useles for you, And than you have normaly in the simple way to make the following code(which is all typed in this message without checking) dim connection as new xxx connection(connectionstring) dim da as new xxxdataadapter(selectstring, connection) dim cmb as new commandbuilder(da) if ds.haschanges da.update(ds) end if and the last part in a try catch end try block.

Dim da As New Sql Data Adapter("Select * from tbl1", conn) dim tblx As New Data Table da.

If you do: Armin How to quote and why: Can I update a Data Set or a Data Table using something like object. I was looking for something and I find out this functions, but I don't know for real what they do.

Normaly it is not needed to open and close the connection, that does the dataadapter himself.

Then I updated the items in the datarow that I wanted to change. Now I can see the update in tblx(datatable) tbl1 (sql server table).

What I did was to assign a datarow object to the row I wanted to update and Parameters to the Update Command and modified the commandtext to use parameters.

To be honest though, I think they missed the boat on convenience.

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