Cybersex chat rooms free

At an advanced stage, he or she can find that their sexual preferences have changed past the point of return and, in doing so, seriously run the risk of marriage or relationship break-up.

Wexford-based psychotherapist Eoin Stephens specialises in addiction counselling and has a special interest in sexual addiction.

The very real consequences of online sex can be online infidelity, cyber-sexual addiction, while having a profoundly negative impact on family and emotional wellbeing.

As more frontiers are transgressed, the online sex-seeker can make their way from the initial chat room experience, past the lure of hard core and beyond.

"One of the most outstanding aspects of meeting people in chatrooms is the lack of true intimacy. You are in fact only meeting text and pictures - an edited version of a person which lacks all the dimensions of physicality, body language, etc.

Even in real life, if you meet someone, it takes time to get to know the 'real' person.

Cybersex can lead to a 21st century form of addiction which threatens relationships, writes Nuala Macklin In the 1990s with the predictions relating to the internet becoming mainstream, the potential effects of virtual pornography were somewhat miscalculated.

Feminists of the day warned it would unleash a wave of unprecedented sexual violence against women.

This kind of less intimate sexual contact does seem to fit in particularly well with male sexual psychology.

But not exclusively so, as women obviously also use chat rooms for sexual or romantic purposes." Any number of scenarios can have occurred by the time professional help is sought, he says.

There is quite a gambling psychology attached to cybersex.

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