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View: Delete Stale Emails If you want to have more control over which items get deleted and when, then you can create an “Old RSS items” Search Folder or a rule to move or delete the items.

These method is also useful when you are in a corporate environment and the use of Auto Archive has been disabled as a company policy or you simply do not want to review the per-folder Auto Archive settings.

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This add-in can also be used to cleanup newsletters and notification emails from Facebook, Linked In and Groupon offers.

In fact, rules for these 3 services are already defined for you so you can easily use them.

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When you select an RSS feed, additional options become available in the RSS section on the Home tab is available.

Right-click on the RSS Feeds folder and select New Folder. Now that we have a dedicated folder for groovy Post RSS feed articles, we’re ready to add the RSS feed to Outlook.

Click the File tab and make sure the Account Information (Info) screen is active.If you’re adding the groovy Post RSS feed (which you should be! Or navigate to the RSS feeds page for the site you want to add and copy the URL from the address bar in your browser. It doesn’t always pick up the Channel Name and Description for the RSS feed. Click on the subfolder to view the list of new content.If these two items are blank, exit out all the dialog boxes and try again. Then, click an item in the middle pane to view it in the right pane.Click the Account Settings button and select Account Settings.On the Account Settings dialog box, click the RSS Feeds tab and then click New. On the New RSS Feed Delivery Location dialog box, scroll down in the email account where you added the new subfolder in the RSS Feeds folder. The selected folder displays in the Delivery Location section. The added RSS feed displays in the list on the RSS Feeds tab and says until it fully updates. The subfolder you added the RSS feed to automatically starts updating with new content for the feed in the middle pane (if the Reading Pane is enabled in the Layout section on the View tab).While the built-in Auto Archive feature can get the job done, it is not the easiest to configure since you need to configure it for pretty much all folders (or at least check their settings) and it only works for your main mailbox.

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