Crazy quilt dating

This is the fabric that made me decide to make my first crazy quilt. I blended colors to reflect both the Christmas tree decorations and my living room decor.

In some of the close up photos you can see the “stitching” printed around the blocks. Also, scraps from the first side are used on the crazy quilt side to tie things together. My greatest advice is to pin, pin, and pin some more.

This Crazy Quilt Christmas Tree Skirt is two-sided or reversible.

One side is a pre-printed machine quilted design of the Holy Family.

The first section depicts noted quilts, many dating to the late 1800’s. Here, complete instructions are given for the construction of a crazy quilt.

In addition to information on selecting fabrics and foundations, the book gives detailed directions for embroidery stitching.

The different types of fabrics is the biggest challenge. A traditional crazy quilt tends to have fabric’s of wool, velvet, silk and satin. At times when the two fabrics did not cooperate, I used ribbon to seam them together instead of stitching. However, as a teenager I enjoyed learning handiwork from my maternal grandmother. So I hope to have the Crazy Quilt Christmas Tree Skirt finished.

The forgotten stitches came back quickly with the great illustrations employed by Christine Dobbs. If I don’t finish in time, there is always next year.

Its the same basic maneuver – glue basting, plus a pressing tip for creating the miter: • Begin with 2 strips you want to sew together end-to-end, and find a matching pattern on both.

You may now see our list and photos of women who are in your area and meet your preferences.

Thus this is great for anyone who is not experienced in handiwork.

Finally, the third section has a crazy quilt design to copy if one desires.

Since this is a Christmas tree skirt, I am adding quite a bit of sparkle along with the embroidery.

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