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-- When we stumble -- The purpose of dating -- Personal struggles -- Learning to communicate -- Vocation : what does God want of me?

This resource for young couples, parents, and teachers features dialogues between a young couple and a Catholic priest and addresses a wide range of topics including dating, building a relationship, deciding on a vocation, and the issues associated with traditional sexual ethics.

“Small gestures such as a note on her pillow or her favorite chocolate in her handbag can be a reminder of how much you truly think about each other.” “As a relationship coach, I have found that gay couples are a lot more willing to address issues sooner—instead of letting things fester,” Armstrong says.

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“In many straight relationships, the men have their ‘boys nights’ and the girls have their ‘girls night,’ as though men and women cannot be friends with one another,” notes Juliette Prais, CEO of Pink Lobster Dating and Matchmaking.

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With each other, but also with yourself and those important to you.

“For years, hetero couples would say they don’t need a piece of paper to confirm their commit, but now we can see how it really is important for a host of legal reasons, as well as the knowledge that we can love anyone we choose and have equal rights to marry,” says Susan Trombetti, a matchmaker.

So if you’re feeling blasé about walking down the aisle or the fact that you’re already married, it might be time to reevaluate your thinking. “Women are often more attentive with one another and focus on the little things as well as the big things,” Prais says.

I think we’d all agree that relationships are relationships—and love is love—regardless of your sexual orientation.

But according to many top relationship experts (and some scholarly research), there are plenty of things that same-sex couples are consistently doing than straight ones.

So if gay women and gay men can be friends, why can’t straight women and straight men be friends?

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If someone doesn’t like your relationship, well that’s just too bad for them. “Straight couples should really take this lesson to heart. Friends that want to judge you are not friends.” For more great relationship advice, don’t miss the 50 Best Bonding Activities for Married Couples.

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