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It does not matter if the data has the same arrangement of columns and rows or not. There is no tea in Year 2; in Year 3 the first quarter appears at the end of the table, there is no Quarter 2 and the Quarters are not in order.

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And yet, you can still consolidate the data into a summary sheet. To start using the Data Consolidation tool, you need to select an empty sheet in the workbook as your master worksheet or add a new one if necessary. Select the upper-left cell of the area where you want the consolidated data to appear.

On the Ribbon, Choose Data In the Function box, click the summary function that you want Excel to use to consolidate the data.

This example contains some tips from Edmund, one of our Excel experts, and will help you decide how to organise your data before you start summarising it to get easily understandable results.

Here we look at: NOTE: The following processes will work in Excel versions: 2007, 2010, 20.

As you will see from the drop-down, there are 11 functions to choose from.

For our data we want to add up the values so we’ll set the Function to Sum.TIP You can also save your Excel 2016 workbook either as an Excel 97–2003 template (.xlt) or as a macro-enabled Excel 2016 workbook template (.xltm).For information about using macros in Excel 2016 workbooks, see Chapter 12, “Automate repetitive tasks by using macros.” When you create a new workbook by using the tools found in the Backstage view, the New page displays the blank workbook template, built-in templates, a search box you can use to locate helpful templates on, and a set of sample search terms.If you are using an older version (Excel 2003 or older), this tip may not work for you.In our example, we have data for 3 years expenditure on tea, coffee and milk.You can always copy data from one worksheet to another, but if the original value were to change, that change would not be reflected in the cell range to which you copied the data.

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