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Historically, the camera was established by Suncoast Surfrider Foundation and it's members, along with the tremendous support of Suncoast Surf Shop.

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According to the Mayo Clinic, lymphedema "refers to swelling that generally occurs in one of your arms or legs." Besides the actual swelling — which can also occur in more than one limb at a time in some cases — symptoms include a heavy, tight feeling in the affected area, a restricted range of motion, aching or general discomfort, frequent infections, and hardening and thickening of the skin, the Mayo Clinic's site continues.

According to Primary lymphedema affects about one in every 6,000 people and can be caused by a genetic mutation.

There is still high uncertainty in the hurricane track, and a shift towards the Florida coastline would increase impacts.

The Sunset Beach Webcam is located in the City of Treasure Island on Florida's West Coast (aka "the Pinellas Suncoast") and provides a streaming HD panaramic view of the beach and the Gulf of Mexico in five one-minute intervals.

The live feed for the webcams with control of the camera is not compatible on all devices.

View the Trail Condition Photo Page for recent photos from the slopes.Through the support of my family, friends, and music, I stopped focusing on my misfortunes and started prioritizing the blessings that I often took for granted."That wasn't the end of his journey, though — the same caption reveals that Cam later faced a lymphedema-related infection in his knee, and he almost needed to get his leg amputated.However, after 13 surgeries and more diagnostic procedures, he avoided having to amputate.Through manual lymphatic drainage massage, leg pumps, and custom compression garments, I was given a second chance to live a "normal" life again.This didn't come with countless nights of excruciating pain, swelling, and mental agony.The condition Cam has, according to his social media, is actually called lymphedema, and it affects many Americans for a variety of reasons.

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