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"We hooked up a few times and then he ghosted me [...].

have glorified having sex before college as a necessary to-do list checkmark.

Well, I'm here to tell you, that's totally not the case.

"These are the people you’ve known since day one of college, when your parents dropped you off and likely introduced themselves to everyone on your floor.

They’re the ones you walk by in the hall after you’ve just gone to the bathroom, there’s a level of comfort and shared space that you don’t have with the rest of your college cohort."Zeilinger points out that while a dormcest hookup or relationship might be convenient in the moment, it could cause headaches later on.

You may find people on campus through dating apps much easier than you would by meeting them through a class or club. Check out the “Best of Elite Daily” stream in the Bustle App for more stories just like this!

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Our friendship, which I realized later was built on lust, was over pretty quickly.

There were no longer random visits to his room, hours of watching Netflix together.

Mary, 23, her and her best friend, who lived in the same dorm, hooked up one time and realized their friendship was really built on pent-up sexual tension."He was awkward and not at all the suave friend I'd known, gracelessly fumbling around in the dark," Mary told Elite Daily. All the hype I'd built up to a hook up, and it was nothing special.

We had lots of mutual friends in the building, as our hall was very close knit, and vowed not to tell anyone.

When you have such "easy" access to plenty of potential people to date, it can definitely be stigmatized on campus to turn to dating apps as an option.

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