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But Tiergarten, one of Berlin’s most beautiful spots in a general sense, is still plentiful with secret nooks. If you’re looking for a double dose of endorphins, there is the 66 Lakes Trail, an expansive 416km path around Brandenburg about an hour’s train ride from the city.

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If girls in coed schools are distracted and shouted down by boys why do they perform so well?

If boys in single-sex parochial schools are given more time to mature why aren’t they more successful in high education? The data on coed versus single-sex education can be read to support just about any argument.

But if every argument can be supported, none can be made without caveats.

Sure, there are physical differences between male and female brains, but who says that affects how children learn?

Sure, many studies included in the meta-analysis found that kids in single-sex schools had higher levels of academic achievement.

But none of them came even close to statistical significance—suggesting that these blips are no reflective of a trend.

In a word, students at single-sex and coed schools performed about the same, statistically speaking.

Berlin is a veritable hedonistic paradise for singles.

An expert level affair is the infamous dark room, where casual and random encounters occur completely shrouded in shadows…

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