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May 8, 2007 at pm (Adult Dating, Cheating Housewives, Cheating Wives, Find Bored Cheatingwives) Married Dating Adventures Adventure has taken one a new meaning in the emergence of married dating websites.While offline, few would to illicit extramarital affairs, in cyberspace, married dating is actually considered one of the most common norms.Unfortunately, the internet has created a whole new way for people to cheat.

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The thing with extramarital relations done via online married dating setups is that it can die down as fast as one finds it.

Unlike most offline physical extramarital affairs that have higher risk of wreaking havoc in a family or home, the participants in an online married dating website can just choose to “end the relationship” by clicking the exit button without any explanations or after-effects whatsoever.

Romantic thrills tend to wear off over time between husband and wife, and while most men and women do not want to ruin their reputations just to seek the missing thrill, married dating website owners took advantage of the situation and formed these married dating websites to promote extramarital activity within the bounds of online intimacy.

It is clearly up to the people who sign up should they decide to meet up and hook up with their dating prospects online, but usually, the flirtatious innuendos and exchanges through chat are more than enough to satisfy and give excitement to both parties.

They can cause a lot of heartache and pain (see examples of online affairs).

Online affairs can also be dangerous because leave people vulnerable to be taken advantage of (read about an Online Extortion Attempt – The Smoking Gun).

After all, how can it really be cheating if two people never meet face-to-face?

But, thinking that way actually makes the problem worse because it lowers the threshold – there is less guilt involved.

More and more people are signing up for what seems to be harmless hook ups that will provide momentarily amusement and pleasure.

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