Chatroom for bisexual

Partners, allies, and supportive curious people also welcome.

There will also be food and drink (including limited edition Bi Pride UK cocktails and mocktails).

The panels plan to include ones on: * BAME (black and minority ethnicities) & Bisexuality * Bi Community (John G is on this one) * Gender Diversity * Bisexuality online/in the media (with our Pride in London guest star Irene) * Bi at ages 60 We'll bring our huge bi and pan pride flags from Pride! But to (optionally) donate, or ensure your tickets (again, free), here is the eventbrite event to sign up for: https://

Accessibility: Its a very accessible venue with two ramps on the side entrances, there will be changing rooms (for trans people or other needs), BSL interpreters for both stage(s), gender neutral toilets, accessible mobiloo branded toilets, and a calming sensory space.

No onsite parking, but the venue is accessible via public transport.

Further details: Nex UDDxo Lw RQFc V2ks-F9j Uftypacztzx8/mobilebasic For last minute details, sign up to the mailing list/follow the Facebook for Bi Pride UK/the event, or Twitter (@Bi Pride UK).

Want to make things better for bi support, charity and community groups?

We also post regular community events run by other London bi groups (events titled with "[other group]") to publicise them, or for relevant external events (Bi Con, Pride etc.), and as a member you can suggest your own event ideas for us or tell us of relevant events we should check out (but don't spam us/promote commercial media events without checking with organisers first). If you have a commercial event to advertise - talk to me first (organiser John), spam will not be tolerated - we'll block & remove everything asap.

Remember - 80% of getting anything out of being a member is about showing up and taking part, so turn up to a few events (or create an event if you want more variety - anything social, others/the organiser may help plan/run it). If you're a show/study researcher wanting people, reply to the message board thread (https://

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Chaotic conversations, weird topics, annoying Bakugou and bullying Mineta. Ive never had double digits ever since the year started!!!

In between acts, the stage will play a selection of voice recordings submitted for this purpose by some of you (listen out for John's poetry/your piece if they make the cut? The Community Village area (in the Old School Rooms building next to it) hosts group/charity stalls with info and pride merchandise.

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