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At 40m tall, the Rain Vortex is the world’s tallest indoor waterfall and cascades dramatically from the glass-domed rooftop.At night, the falls put on an hourly light and sound show.

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Spanning the size of 11 Olympic-size pools, the top-level Canopy Park features everything from slides for kids to a hedge maze and sky nets which are suspended 25m over a void.

Foggy Bowls diffuse water mists to create the illusion of indoor clouds.

Can one brand ride another brand’s marketing success without clear consent?

According to Preetham Venkky, business director of KRDS Singapore, according to Facebook terms and conditions, there are no legal ramifications to using the image for content redistribution.

He first gained widespread attention when a local Twitter user shared a picture of the charming lad online, only to have it picked up by several local news outlets.

Here’s the post by Paktor: This is not the first time Paktor has made such an offer for a famed individual.

“Social is all about making your brand stay current and relevant, especially if it’s keeping up with trends that are relevant to your brand.

Paktor has attributed the main image back to Changi, plus there’s free publicity for Changi,” he added.

Previously, when it heard that Malaysian social influencer Min Chen was seeking a date for Valentines Day, it had also reached out to her.

According to Darryl Liew, regional brand marketing VP at Paktor, being a homegrown company, the dating platform said it wanted to feature a local face as it feels featuring a fellow Singaporean is more apt as compared to featuring non-local models on advertisements.

“However, we were unsure if our Paktor female users would be interested in such a user profile so we decided to ‘test water’ with a Facebook post to gauge reactions.

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