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Its people are at the core of this quite unique country.

If you consider that the country is still throwing off the shackles of the despot Pol Pot it is quite amazing how the nation has bounced back.

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If you look at the slightly more formal Vietnamese and the money orientated Singaporeans then Cambodia is like visiting a playground.

Just visiting a restaurant, cafe or bar do not be surprised for the waitress or somebody on the next table to start a conversation with you.

They accentuate their beauty by applying Make Up, normally around their eyes and contact lenses that make the iris appear larger than normal are very popular.

Women of all ages also like to wear outrageous eyelashes normally for more formal occasions.

With such friendliness obviously having an outgoing personality comes too. Quite often this gets a little tiresome as when you are just about ready for sleep your partner will still want to go out and boogie or meet up with friends. Cambodians girls love to be outdoor and interacting with people.

Meeting new friends and striking up new relationships.

You might think Quirky is rather an odd reason to love a Cambodian girl, but what I mean by this is they definitely have their own personality.

The Laotians have an affinity to the northern Thai people, the Vietnamese are closely linked to the Chinese and people from Myanmar are very similar to the Indians in a lot of ways.

I love Cambodian girls just as much as I love the country.

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