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I wonder why in FSX they felt it was no longer important?

Anyway, I struggled to play around with the view keys on the keyboard until I eventually found the equivalent for changing this.

I'm not sure how It happened to be but when I plugged my joystick into FSX it automatically assigned the moving of the spot view to the little analogue joystick on the top of my actual joystick.

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In conjunction with the hat switch going to any view distance and perspective should be simple.

In the preview window using the mouse and scroll wheel accomplishes the same thing. [Camera Definition.002] Title = Virtual Cockpit that section...

The 3D cockpit pan is actually quite quicker, and I want the two to be about the same speed.

Bear in mind, I just really started using and getting into FSX in January, so this is still all relatively new to me.

That is not the issue, though I thank you for the suggestion.

I believe there might be sweep control with the mouse as well, though I haven't tried it yet.

It's mouse wheel function for control that I think is missing. You can find all the details to 'manage' how your camera views work in the SDK (installed or on-line) but just as a sample, here is a few of my organized camera definitions.

Compare to yours and see what's missing: ;------------------------------------------- [Camera Definition.001] Title = Cockpit 2D Guid = Description = 2D cockpit view Origin = Cockpit Track = None Category = Cockpit Snap Pbh Adjust = Ordinal Snap Pbh Return = False Pan Pbh Adjust = Swivel // ordinal Pan Pbh Return = False // True Pitch Pan Rate=5 Heading Pan Rate=15 Pan Accelerator Time=0 Allow Zoom = TRUE Initial Zoom = 1.0 // "reset level" Smooth Zoom Time = 0 // instantaneous transition Zoom Pan Scalar = 0 // zps/zoom Xyz Adjust = TRUE // I can move the camera ref point ; Xyz Rate = 0.25 // m/sec default rate Xyz Rate = 1.0 Show Axis = Front Only Show Lens Flare=FALSE Show Panel = Yes Show Weather = Yes Momentum Effect = FALSE Transition = No // between views "logic AND" Hot Key Select=1 Cycle Hidden=Yes ;------------------------------------------- [Camera Definition.002] Title = Virtual Cockpit Guid = Description = This is the description of the virtual cockpit view.

If the problem is snapping to a view distance and orientation every time you start the flight, as already suggested, creating some Camera Defintions or some saved flights with your various views pre-configured solves that.

-Pv- Hi b3, EDIT: Please ignore the following drivel.

At least in FS9 I had that "F1 View" mouse wheel & camera control where I could quickly alter the distance of the camera in and out, without even having to use the settings box in the picture above... CFG file or the file; where I can make those Ctrl/minus and Ctrl/equals commands move a bit faster?

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