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If you take your card overseas, you run the risk of it being declined.

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To avoid this, call your credit card company before you make a large purchase.

Also, make sure the company has your cellphone number and email address.

Some card issuers place spending limits on credit and debit cards, or enable customers to set limits of their own.

If you go over the limit, your card will be declined, even if you have plenty of credit available to cover the purchase. You should be able to find it by logging in to your online account or calling the issuer.

Some institutions will contact you before or immediately after declining a card because of unusual activity.

You might clear up the whole mess before leaving the checkout counter if the credit card company can reach you.

Keep track of when your cards will expire and start looking for the replacement in the mail several weeks in advance.

If you haven’t received an updated card two weeks before a card expires, call to ask for one — and to make sure the issuer didn’t mail it to an outdated or otherwise incorrect address.

A temporary hold temporarily reduces your available credit and thus can cause you to exceed your credit limit.

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