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His ex, Nikki, however, decided to come back and take Jenny after a discussion with Lucas about how his father left him.

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The pair reunited after Peyton visited Jake and Jenny in Savannah where Peyton proposed.

The two lay in bed and fall asleep together next to Jenny, but in her sleep Peyton calls out for Lucas.

He was a basketball player for the Ravens and one of the few to support Lucas.

It was soon revealed that he had a daughter named Jenny, which was why Brian 'Whitey' Durham let him skip practices at times.

Nikki found her the day he was released and was about to gain custody so he had to leave a broken-hearted Peyton behind.

In season 3, after Peyton was shot, she came to visit him and learned that Nikki's parents were keeping Jenny, until the trial.

Dispite all of this Nicki manages to get a court hearing for full custody, so Jake leaves Jenny with Peyton and Brooke for the day so he can fight for her in court.

Taking Jenny out to the mall Peyton leaves her in her stroller unaccompanied for a few moments, and upon return, Jenny is gone.

Jake didn't make a physical appearance but he was mentioned by Peyton.

When Peyton finds out she may die from her pregnancy, they realize that Lucas may have to raise the baby alone.

Jake refuses as he doesn't want Jenny to be upset when Nicki skips town like he knows she will.

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