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Meanwhile, the worst city to try and date in right now according to the data is Palm Bay, Florida followed by New Haven, Connecticut, and then Providence, Rhode Island.

These are the cities that made the top 10 best and worst lists.

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Valentine's Day can be a tough time of year when you're single, particularly if you aren't up for shredding photos of your ex in exchange for free chicken wings.

However, it can be even tougher in places where the dating scene feels particularly bleak.

A new survey from the rental search site Apartment List asked 9,000 of its users who identified as "single" across the U. to rate the dating scene where they live, and used the data to rank the best and worst cities for single folks around the country.

Specifically, they asked people to respond to the question, "How would you rate your current city or neighborhood for opportunities to date?

And it's true, certain cities are much better than others for singles looking to mingle.

So, if you're curious which side the place you live lands on, this new ranking of the best (and worst) cities for dating should help clear things up.

We’ve used its data to report on the best -paying cities for women, the top cities for job seekers, and the most educated places in America. It looks at something called “dating affordability,” calculated as the price of a three-course meal for two, relying on data from a user-generated cost-of-living information site called Numbeo, plus two movie tickets at a midrange restaurant, taken from the Council for Community and Economic Research. to evaluate how easy it is to get around and meet people,” derived from a site called

It also calculates the median earnings for workers, taken from the Census, “to gauge the relative affordability of dating.” In addition it evaluates “date-friendliness” by calculating the number of arts and entertainment businesses and restaurants per 1,000 residents, plus “walk scores. Finally the most objective criterion: the percentage of the population 15 and over that’s unmarried, also calculated from Census Bureau data.

Topping the list for 2019 was Austin, Texas where 40% of people seem satisfied with the dating scene.

Charlotte, North Carolina took the number two spot, while San Francisco rounded out the top three.

But first a few words about the top three: Boston gets high points because of its many colleges and universities—one count has it at 100—and its multiple museums, theaters and sports venues. Here are the best cities for single women (date cost, median income and other factors affect the scores): 1.

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