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Breeding density and reproductive success of robins in relation to habitat structure on logged areas of Vancouver Island, British Columbia.

Experiments with taxidermy robin decoys in Illinois indicate that parental attendance is a strong deterrent to depredation and nests with decoys/parents were more likely to be attacked by mammalian predators, like raccoons, than were unattended nests, which were primarily attacked by avian predators ( Swanson, L., R.

Males intimidate each other through actions such as running toward one another in a crouched posture or chasing; subtle dominance may be established by “pushing” a retreating rival with short run-and-pause movements. Degree of territoriality may also vary with population density; as density increases territoriality may decrease. Territory owners had longer feeding bouts, ingested more fruits per bout, and foraged for fruits more slowly than intruders. Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology 61 (8):1283-1291. Furthermore, when given a choice between 2 unfamiliar birds (regardless of species), robins chose the alternative over the nestmate's species.

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Born April 9, 1953, Paddock lived on Babbling Brook Court in Mesquite, about 80 miles outside of Las Vegas, according to

Early Monday, authorities began executing a search warrant at his home.

The time from when a robin alerts to an approaching predator and when it flies off varies with risk level; in simulated high risk situations (human approaching quickly) robins tend to fly off soon after alerting and give few alarm calls, whereas in lower risk situations (human walking) the time is greater, the distance the potential predator advances is greater, and robins give more calls and tailwag more often (ENV).

Similarly in a study of flight initiation distances (FID) robins seem to be able to assess the threat posed by humans; FID was shortest when humans approached robins from a path without a direct gaze (not looking at them) than when humans approached them off a path and looking at them ().

While details about Paddock’s past and possible motivation are still emerging, we already know quite a bit about the man behind what is now deadliest mass shooting in modern U. Also Read: Las Vegas Shooting: ' This Is the New Normal,' Former NYC, LA Police Commissioner Says On Sunday night at approximately p.m.

PT, he opened fire on a crowd of more than 22,000 concert-goers from his hotel room on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino.

During the breeding season, individuals move into sunny spots in mid-and late-afternoon, often on mowed fields and lawns where available. Aggressive interactions can follow and consist of jumping and wing flapping (ENV).

To sunbathe, robins lower themselves to the ground, and spread their wings out and fan their tails slightly to moderately. Wing drooping and chest fluffing can also occur before or after interactions (); individuals with large worms will also charge nearby conspecifics, aggressively driving them away, presumably to anticipate an attempt at stealing.

Will hop if vegetation is too long to permit running. Bathes in shallow portions of streams and ponds, in temporary puddles and even lawn sprinklers, as well as bird baths (). Communal robin roosts have been estimated to be as large as 250,000 birds (). Most data pertain to foraging behavior (see Diet and Foraging: Feeding).

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