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Three states stand out in our list of the worst cities for dating for millennials.

California is the biggest loser here, with Riverside and Sacramento taking our bottom two spots respectively.

Missouri is also home to two of the bottom five spots, with St. Florida isn’t doing so hot in the eyes of millennials either, with Jacksonville and Miami included in our bottom 10.

Educational attainment can also determine where you will be happier with the dating scene, according to our survey.

New Haven, CT and Providence, RI were not too far behind, both at around 12%.

These results tell two different narratives on how men and women view dating.

The results above are based on responses from over 26,000 renters.

Renters who are married or in a long-term committed relationship are excluded from the study.

Men are the most satisfied with dating opportunities in Charlotte, while women are the most content in Austin.

When looking at the survey results from just millennial respondents, a new number one best city for dating appeared.

Whether you’re happily married, looking for love, or perfectly content with being single, we at Apartment List wish you a happy Valentine’s Day.

Data is based on results from the Apartment List renter survey between February 15, 2018 and December 31, 2018.

Overall, 32.5% of college-educated singles were satisfied with dating opportunities, while only 25.3% of non-college-educated singles were satisfied.

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