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Romanov holds a bachelor's degree from Goddard College.

I've been on 3 dates with this girl, each one better than the last.

birthday ideas for a guy you just started dating-50

Not sure if she's having a birthday party or if I will be invited.

I haven't met any of her friends or family yet.

She definitely wants to see me again and we're a very good match.

Her birthday is coming up in about a week, and I'm not sure what to do.

I'd like to get her a gift, but what is appropriate for someone you just met a few weeks ago? You should try to get her something that matches her interests.

I don't want to get something cheap or generic, but I also would like something that she appreciates without being creepy, or going overboard and spending a ton of money. Something like a book if she's into reading would be nice or an inexpensive (no more than ) piece of jewelry would be appropriate and she will most likely appreciate that.

Take him to a museum exhibition he has been wanting to see. You can be the one to really introduce him to a new interest. Or take him to an event focused on his suspected interest.

Remember, guys don't want to look foolish, so you'll have be discreet.

So I have 3 items in my Amazon shopping cart totaling that I'm sure she would love, that match her interests without getting too intimate.

But I also really like the idea of a special date or outdoor adventure (such as kayaking or zip-lining) which would allow us to spend a whole day together. On the downside, these activities are a bit more pricey and may be a little intense for such an early relationship. I'd say something that is an experience either her or you both share. two tickets to the aquarium, a hot air balloon ride, etc.) These might sound big, but I don't know where you live. Or, something special/memerable/reminder of an inside joke or experience (i.e.

He makes music professionally and has built several of his own electronic instruments.

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