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But most of the show's leads choose someone to see again, and sometimes those choices seem arbitrary.Senior widower Leonard, trying to explain why he doesn’t want a second date with one woman, says, “It’s just a feeling.

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The hero in each episode wears the same clothes and goes to the same restaurant for each of their dates, so it appears to be one long speed-dating session.

Because first dates often have the same talking points – work, family, tattoos and the awful “why are you single” question – the format fits.

But a cast that includes more diversity demonstrates how “coming out” stories can surface, how race comes into play in conversation and how chats can be more serious the older you get.

First-date kissers or late-night dancers don’t always make it to Round 2.

Among dramatic rose ceremonies and tear-filled breakups, viewers get to watch contestants that are genuinely looking for love and those who are there for the wrong reasons.

Plus, host Chris Harrison usually urges viewers to “stay tuned for the most dramatic season in Bachelor history,” and he’s never wrong.

Although there are plenty of failed relationships that come shortly after most finales, there are couples who have successfully stayed together and kept created by Simon Fuller, where singers audition for their big break in front of a group of judges, but their fate is left in the hands of millions of voters across the country.

In addition to the nail-biting competition, the judges’ banter and disagreements are also a main point of entertainment during the show.

I’ve never actually enjoyed dating shows, but I’ve hate-watched plenty of them. ” at the leading men on ABC’s “The Bachelor,” rolled my eyes at the pun-filled narration on MTV’s late-2000s show “Next” and scoffed at the standards held by rich, single clients on Bravo’s “Millionaire Matchmaker.” Netflix’s “Dating Around” is the first reality show I actually enjoyed watching because it is a beautiful, poetic series that doesn't mock its subjects.

At a time when dating has become an exercise in app roulette, with infinite options to swipe but the same awkward first-date hurdles, “Dating Around” captures the uncertain search for connection: no smug host, cheesy music or probing confessionals required.

In “Dating Around,” blind dates meet at a bar, get food, and, if all goes well, maybe a nightcap.

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