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“Hey this is Samraat (aka) Sam from San Francisco, interested to chat? Juhi: Normal chat that gradually gets more n more spicy Sam: Oooooh, wicked Sam: Nice Juhi: Hmmm Juhi: What u like Sam: Like in chat? Sam: No Sam: Just got a call Sam: The normal ones Juhi: Ok Juhi: Not all that often Sam: What kinda movies you like?

Sam: Hey gotta go , got to have lunch, how long will you be here?

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Juhi: Stimulating conversation Juhi: Well groomed Sam: You are a classy woman Juhi: N sometimes just great body Sam: Oh.. Juhi: Hehe Sam: I am a swimmer Sam: So you like to be taken gently or roughly? Juhi: To answer ur question 38 c Sam: Oh..goodness Sam: That will be one great treat…

Sam: So after dinner it’s spicy stuff right .., Juhi: Hehehe ya Sam: Oops.. Juhi: Hehe Sam: I dunno, i’d ever stick with one person like that…. Juhi: Hehe Sam: Hey you still didin’t answer my question, what’s your turn on ? But I can chat at sane tine Juhi: U Sam: Oh.Sam: So what’s your cup size? Juhi: Vodka Sam: Wow, you maintain class in that to Sam: You like martini?

The chat started and went on a bit spicy and saucy. Juhi: Fine Sam: You like to do some role play chat?

At home only Sam: Hey, give me 2 mins , I’ll be back Juhi: Ok Sam: Am back Sam: Just ordered some food Sam: Almost lunch time now.., Juhi: Ok Juhi: Diner time here Sam: Ya , arnd 9 right? Its a pretty lengthy one and its in roshomon style.. She was way too tired due to the orgasms she had back to back, which she lost count. She just can’t believe the facts or may be couldn’t digest yet. Sam: Thtz boring right, we can see some action in movies … Juhi: Depends Sam: Just think of movies as moving photoes… Until 4 hours ago she was a faithful wife, dutiful daughter-in-law and a respected orthodox woman in the neighborhood. She traveled back in the time couple of years ago in her mind and her memories started running in front of her eyes like a movie. But you will be fascinated by how fun it can be to chat with people older or younger than you, and also anybody who is not really your type. Chat lines like ours can usually detect a local area, which means that majority of users will be nearby for you.With this, it gets simpler for callers o find a common ground quickly and start enjoying the process.Hello FISS Folks, I am just writing this story about Juhi. This might be a fantasy or this might be a reality. Its a mix of a romance with erotica and it moves a bit slow. Juhi was watching the ceiling, thinking about what just happened. Juhi: Hmmm don’t think so Sam: What’s your turn on? Juhi: Hehe Sam: Yea, why should I watch some one else doing it, if I have all the right tools… Sam: No Sam: I am here Sam: I have a girlfriend Sam: She is Italian Sam: And also I have few friends with benefits… Juhi: Wait Sam: Ok Juhi: If u hv all that why ur chatting with this 40 plus lady Sam: Because you are an Indian and all my friends are not Sam: I mostly spent my life here in US Juhi: Ok Sam: so I don’t have friends from India, so just wanted to know how the other side looks like Juhi: Ah Sam: And hey who else is sexier than 40 ladies… Juhi: U have a way with ladies Sam: I hope it’s a compliment…

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