Beautiful smart women intimidating

It’s time to take beautiful women off those man-made pedestals and see them eye-to-eye.When a man can look at a beautiful woman and truly see her, not as a potential conquest or rejection of his masculinity, but as another heart, another soul — he stops assigning her unearned power. But true power (the kind a man can count on and feel proud of) comes only through love, and through discovering how to love women with an open heart.

When there was "psychological distance" from the women (e.g.

the men were just fantasizing about a theoretical woman who wasn't a real-life romantic prospect), "Men showed greater attraction toward women who displayed more (vs.

From where I stand as an empowerment/relationship coach for men, a man’s true power is not won through sexual conquest.

Sure, there’s benefit in sexual success with women, but not in the way men tend to think. What men tend to find through focusing on conquest is a consistent way to stroke their egos — and feel righteous in the presence of other men.

But his legacy remains and lives in the fear that so many men carry — that women somehow hold the key to masculine success, and that without consuming them and consuming them abundantly, a man is not a man.

Obviously, it’s time for men to stop making women’s bodies tokens of masculine success.

less) intelligence than themselves." In other words, men look for partners with qualities they value, and therefore think superior intelligence is a great quality in a partner. Here's the rub: Once the women became "psychologically near" the man (i.e., he thought about actually interacting with her and dating her in real life), "men showed less attraction toward women who outsmarted them." Really, guys?

The men first heard hypothetical scenarios about women who performed either better or worse in a math or English course than they did.

“ He wanted empathy for his very common masculine fear, but what I gave him was an impassioned talk — on why getting beautiful women is not a fast-pass into manhood or the key to his personal power.

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