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Greg Hodge, the dating site’s Managing Director, said Beautiful People’s application rate has been growing as online daters seek out niche sites and like-minded communities.

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Some dating sites try to discourage users from judging one another based on looks, but Beautiful doesn’t see the point in telling its users that what they want is wrong.

Instead, the dating site has allowed its members to be selective and pursue dates in an exclusively attractive community.

Beautiful People recognizes that superficial judgments are a natural part of dating and has provided tools to help singles take their dating experiences up a notch. Beautiful People removes the first hurdle as everyone in the community is attractive as voted so by the members.” Beautiful has over 750,000 members around the world.

These individuals are the cream of the dating crop, voted in from more than 10 million applications over the last decade.

We’re all told growing up that it’s what’s inside that counts, but, in the dating world, the outside is undeniably important, too.

Singles often make snap decisions about who they want to date based on a beautiful smile rather than a beautiful soul.Reportedly 30,000 people who were mistakenly let into the dating community were kicked off of the website as a result.The media dubbed the virus "Shrek" after the animated film with an underlying story line of how looks should not matter.The website has attracted considerable controversy in the media and much criticism since its inception due to its exclusive business model of only allowing perceived attractive men and women to join the dating community.In June 2011, Beautiful was attacked by a virus which allowed users to join without going through the mandatory 48 hour voting process.swiping and mutual matching — mimic how daters act in the real world.

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