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Before you know it, they are enjoying a drink together at the bar and talking like old friends.

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Source: 8Communication Is Key In Romantic Relationships The phrase "communication is key" might sound cliché but it is common for a reason.

Communication or lack thereof can make or break a relationship.

A successful romantic relationship with a person with Asperger Syndrome is possible; you just have to be well-knowledgeable.

Here are some facts about Asperger's Syndrome that will help should you choose to move forward.

Other Considerations: Here are four additional tips for dating someone with Asperger's Syndrome: But above all else, remember this: a person's struggle, whether it be a neurological issue like Asperger's or some other flaw, is only a small part of who they. Just be yourself and let your potential partner do the same.

Try to see your potential partner for who he or she is as a whole. It's when you're able to do this that you can genuinely enjoy dating them without any pressure.

Source: Get Educated About Asperger Syndrome Becoming acquainted with a person who may be extremely smart but struggles in social settings is baffling for a lot of people.

If you are interested in dating someone with Asperger's, it's important to educate yourself about the diagnosis.

People in committed relationships where one or both people have Asperger syndrome need to learn to do the dance of romance a little differently.

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