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“By nature, men can act more impulsively when they feel something, where women need to be more certain and cautious,” Martinez says.

“Men are okay with jumping in and trying a new relationship when they feel the right connection instead of being cautious and waiting until they know for sure, like a woman might do.” Men are more focused on passion.

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A loudspeaker system with n separate frequency bands is described as "n-way speakers": a two-way system will have a woofer and a tweeter; a three-way system employs a woofer, a mid-range, and a tweeter.

Where high fidelity reproduction of sound is required, multiple loudspeaker transducers are often mounted in the same enclosure, each reproducing a part of the audible frequency range (picture at right).

You might rant about how much you enjoy extreme sports and living life in the fast lane, but when the first date comes around, inline-skating starts to seem like a pretty tame and unoriginal idea. It mainly shows that you are not who you claim to be, not to mention that you don't seem to be that much fun from the get-go.

So to make sure that all Ask Men readers are equipped with a guide on places to go and things to do on a first date, I proudly present the Bronze, Silver and Gold first date activities. The beach is beautiful If you're the type who likes to see what she's all about right away, then take her to the beach.

The coil of an electromagnet, called a field coil, was energized by current through a second pair of connections to the driver.

This winding usually served a dual role, acting also as a choke coil, filtering the power supply of the amplifier that the loudspeaker was connected to.

“Men need the initial attraction [first] to be open to getting to know the person who they will ultimately fall for.

Also, since women are very cerebral about things, they are thoughtful about the idea of love, where men can be fast and 'all in' once they have those feelings.” So what are the biggest differences between the moments between I-just-met-you and I’m-in-love-with-you for the opposite sexes?

Women can grow to love someone they were not initially attracted to, once they get to know the person.

Men need the opposite,” psychologist Nikki Martinez says.

Like previous loudspeakers these used horns to amplify the sound produced by a small diaphragm.

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