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The journey starts well, but takes a turn for the worse when his online fame attracts unwelcome attention. “I’ll edit and speed it up afterwards,” she explained.

Sarah lives in Tai Po, New Territories – the part of Hong Kong adjacent to mainland China.

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But they also face increased risks, including from cyberbullying and potential abuse.” To tackle the risks children face on the Internet, UNICEF has partnered with the Child Rights Coalition Asia (CRC Asia) to produce materials by and for children about how to stay safe online.

At the Bangkok consultation, Nicole and others helped refine the materials to make them child-friendly and relevant for Asian countries, including Cambodia, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand and Viet Nam.

’ We hadn’t thought of having one, so we asked them to come up with one,” she adds, laughing.

Generation social media Angie Dai, 16, and Sarah Fang, 15, are from Hong Kong, China.

“My school uses i Pads as learning tools and our teachers give us tests online,” she says. It’s easier because we don’t just have one source of information. I like reading the BBC, chatting online with friends, and sharing photos on Instagram.” But the Internet has not always been a safe space for Nicole – just a few years ago she was a victim of cyberbullying.

“When I was 10 to 12, other children at school picked on me because I was a loner and didn’t have a mobile phone,” Nicole recalls. We had a laptop at home, so I set up a Facebook profile, but they still bullied me.They posted comments saying I was stupid and didn’t belong. I cried a lot and wondered why the other kids hated me.” Nicole’s mum suggested that she read up on cyberbullying, and advised her to stay strong. I learned to talk more to my parents and not keep everything inside.“I confronted some of the other children at school and asked them ‘Why are you doing this? Since then I’ve been much more open.” These days, Nicole is a child protection advocate who works hard to help her peers stay safe online.It was ratified in 1989, before the rise of the Internet.Some of the CRC rights impacted by the Internet include the right to access information and mass media, to be protected from violence and abuse, to get an education, and to take part in cultural activities and play.It quickly became clear that children in different countries face different issues online.

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