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ANNE HATHAWAY: Yes much edgier and anyway the film is still very quirky. TOMMY O'HAVER: It had a lot of green spaces and I was trying to make a fairy tale version of the American suburbs and places like Prague seem too dark and also for the budget it was cheaper.

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Finally, she attended the American Academy of Dramatic Arts.

Anne Hathaway earned her acting credit as a lead character in Disney’s teen romantic comedy film, The Princess Diaries, based on Meg Cabot’s 2000 novel of the same name.

Anne were there any similarities between this movie and the PRINCESS DIARIES that may have initially put you off doing it?

ANNE HATHAWAY: I was initially very apprehensive but then Tommy explained the story to me and I realised that they are very different - this one is much sassier. HUGH DANCY: I didn't have a clue whether it would work but I did sit down and have a chat with Tommy and he described all the happiness and marriage involved in the movie.

TOMMY O'HAVER: It helped that I have an Irish last name.

I thought that when I got there they would hoist me up on their shoulders and make me drink Guinness, and that's exactly what they did!

ANNE HATHAWAY: You say it so disdainfully, "happiness and marriage." HUGH DANCY: Well that is the normal fairy tale Tommy, why did you get Eric Idle for the role of the narrator?

TOMMY O'HAVER: Well my inspiration came from films like TIME BANDITS and BARON MUNCHAUSEN and in previous cuts it was a much edgier film, so I always wanted to have some MONTY PYTHON influence so it was great to get Eric.

closed its domestic run with a disappointing ,918,387.

Miramax would see returned about .5 million after theaters take their percentage of the gross — which would not cover the P&A costs and leave the budget in the red.

Anne, your character does some singing in this film is all of it entirely by you?

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