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In the late 1980s, Annabella Sciorra starred in an American comedy film True Love and for this role, she got her first nomination in Independent Spirit Award.

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John Willis' Screen World's one of twelve Promising New Actors of 1990, Annabella Sciorra is a talented and beautiful actress from the United States.

She is famous for portraying the role of Claire Bartel in the movie As a child, Annabella was a talented dancer.

She graduated in 1980 and founded a repertory group, the Brass Ring Theater Company on November 5, 1981. Every class, you would always have somebody literally passing out. But then Curtis [Curtis Hanson] and I had a very long talk and he explained why he decided he'd rather I play the other part. (1992, on being recognized) A lot of weird things happen to me.

(On her worst job ever) Teaching aerobics on the Upper East Side. (1992, on The Hard Way (1991)) Yeah, I had to defend myself to all these women reporters who kept saying, 'How can you do a role like this, such a girlfriend role? I wasn't so sure about it at first, but then we kept talking, and he explained how he felt. People call out to me on the street and I figure I know them, and I walk over.

She was nominated in this award that year for Most Promising Actress.

She has also once been nominated in Independent Spirit Awards.

Annabella Sciorra is mainly popular for playing the role of Donna in an American comedy film True Love.

After appearing in this movie, she received critical acclaim for her role.

Joe Petruzzi is an actor and he is famous for his role in Stingers, Love's Brother and so on.

As a loving wife and husband, they continued this married life for four years and they finalized their divorce in 1993.

Later on in 1990, she was listed in the list of John Willis' Screen World's one of twelve Promising New Actors of 1990.

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