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More details According to the Ukrainian laws, the use of any mobile hand-held gadgets while driving is prohibited.Let’s see how large are the fines for violations of this rule.That is why we recommend remaining cautious no matter how convincing the site looks.

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Russian women’s ideas about age difference There are successful couples whose age difference is quite large: For example, Michael Douglas is 72 and Catherine Zeta Jones is 47, and they have been together for…

More details Chernobyl’s exclusion zone in Ukraine has become extremely popular in recent times, following 2019 miniseries on HBO.

So, what will be different for Ukrainian kids from 1 September 2019?

Changes in the system of education reported on the most prominent…

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Fines for using mobile phones while driving in Ukraine Facebook page named “Road Lawyer” is popular among drivers in Ukraine, providing legal assistance and updated information on…

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