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When the group planned to vote as to whether or not to let Laura join the team in the end of the episode, she launched a return to the past herself before they could properly vote.

Einstein, even when it was necessary, becoming more spiteful towards her.

She is Jeremie's love interest and Laura Gauthier's rival. Pück, who had a hidden key to Franz Hopper's locker in the local train station. Jeremie assumed she was an artificial intelligence and decided to name her Maya, after she requested to be called something other than "artificial inteligence". Jeremie sends Ulrich, Odd, and Yumi to Lyoko to help Aelita get to the red tower after an fierce fight with X.

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Aelita happily accepts the offer and enrolls as Aelita Stones. Aelita manages to escape with Odd's help and they deactivate the tower. A.'s monsters trick her to the edge of the Forest Sector and a transportation orb appears, taking Aelita to a new, mysterious sector, where the Scyphozoa attacks Aelita to steal her memory. Pück, which has a key to a locker in the local train station. To activate, stand on top of an ability hologram and press C.

Aelita visits the Earth, where Jeremie and the others had prepared a surprise for her, which was her being enrolled to Kadic again with a room and everything. ambushes her and tries to kill the team inside the houses' boiler room. As Aelita keeps having bad dreams, they eventually lead her to rediscover her past toy, Mr. Aelita chooses to transfer her DNA codes to Yumi, which would leave her memory without protection and X. Jeremie later creates the Marabounta, a program that would automatically wipe Lyoko of X. This power enables you to create virtual bridges to reach platforms to far away to jump.

Aelita's wings will appear, and when she glows pink, swing the Wii remote and Nunchuk down and up together. This is not available at the start, and must be unlocked, in the Ice Sector.

To activate this power, stand over an ability hologram and press C.

As Jeremie thinks he hurt Aelita, he decides to go into Lyoko by himself, but an error occurs, moving Jeremie somewhere between Lyoko and Earth. A had created a virtual reality to trick the missing trio into thinking that they were actually back in the real world. However, monsters attack her and the tower she is in, in order to stop her from leaving. Aelita: Queen of Mars is widely regarded to be the first Soviet scifi movie.

Through the season, Aelita is threatened to be killed by X. As he tries to do some follow-up tests, Aelita's annex program gets bugged, meaning that she would get devirtualized from using the towers. When Aelita and Jeremie try to do more tests on materialization, Aelita accidentally does some preparations that Jeremie had already done, causing Jeremie to get mad at her. Jeremie soon manages to create the correct materialization program, sending Aelita to the Forest Sector. Stones and Hopper are both occupational surnames of English origin, referring to stonemasons and dancers, respectively.

This cultural influence inspired the video game "Lifeless planet", in which there is a character named Aelita. The novel Aelita had references to an earlier German science fiction movie, "Metropolis", in that Mars had an advanced society, but it was built on an underclass.

But when the team tried to shut down the supercomputer, Aelita collapses. It was also the name of a planned spacecraft designed for missions to Mars.

During Ghost Channel, Odd, Yumi, and Ulrich disappeared during a return to the past. Jeremie had her enrolled to Kadic as Odd's cousin and Yumi had her parents convinced about her staying at her home and Aelita was even better than Jeremie in the classes. The name has left an impression in Russian culture similar to Azimov's influence on robotics. The Aelita Prize is given to Russian science fiction authors.

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