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One of the most exciting things about the rise of chatbots is their use of artificial intelligence — especially machine learning — to mass-accomplish tasks that neither an army of interns nor an army of experts could match, and to derive wisdom beyond that of the crowd by analyzing the crowd’s billions of conversations with cold math.

Yet anyone who chats with a few bots knows the frequent frustration: There are basically two kinds of chatbots in early 2017, while natural language processing is still learning to understand human conversational speech: Bots that risk trying to parse anything you type at them, and bots that limit your input to a few safe option buttons.

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Vasili Shinkorenko, founder and CEO of Bot Cube (who curates the awesome-bots list on Git Hub) says NLP has proven popular with customers for expense management for an intriguing reason:“We use a ton of personal financial management tools: apps, Google Sheets, Excel, Notes, etc.

But none of them could easily remind us to track our expenses right, and on time. It’s like chatting with your friend, when he asks you how much you spent on this thing.

Octane AI, which publishes Chatbots Magazine, currently opts for the button approach. Bot developers will tell you that it depends what your bot is trying to accomplish.

In theory, a bot with a human adult level of linguistic skills would be awesome.

Thomas says the even bigger question is: What are you trying to do with your bot?

“NLP within a chatbot for traditional self-service tasks (like your banking example) is everyone’s favorite example,” he says.Train booking, bus booking, flight booking, hotel booking, food ordering are best left to be dealt with by apps.NLP is best suited for cases where conversations are the way to go.’ Traditionally, people would use email or live chat for this if it was available.Bots would be a solid use case for this.”NLP also works where the user’s responses are within a narrow context or form, but potentially unlimited. A button interface for bus routes and times, or a tree of Web pages, is the bane of riders in many cities.You don’t hesitate to answer these messages, and they are the most efficient reminders and notifications, because the messaging app is a very intimate and trustful space.”Bots you can talk with also work for dispensing advice, he says, in a way most people wouldn’t accept from a website, or a face-to-face friend.

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