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While in a writer's meeting in producing the episode, he recalled a period in which another boy from his neighborhood found his parents' VHS copy of a pornographic film.

He remembered he and others his age rushing over to view the film, and being "perplexed" as to what they were seeing.

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The two drive to Butters' house, and come across the boys returning home, having already delivered the tape.

Stan's father plays into the boys' imagination and sends them on their greatest quest ever: retrieve the tape, as it "holds an evil power." Excited, the boys eagerly comply and set off toward Butters' house.

Now truly convinced of the tape's power, the council decides the tape must be returned to the Two Towers video store in Conifer "from whence it came", and forms the "Fellowship of The Lord of the Rings", which consists of Stan, Kyle, Cartman (with Kenny), Craig, Jimmy, and an unnamed kindergartener.

The boys avoid a run-in with the 6th graders but their party loses Jimmy, Craig, and the kindergartener.

Butters, who has been following them, offers to guide the remaining party members to the store in a thinly veiled attempt to get the tape back.

Soon all the boys wind up at the Two Towers, and with the 6th graders in hot pursuit they desperately try to return the tape to the drop box.

Although they try to take the tape, the boys are able to escape and decide to take it to the council of the High Elf of Faragon (Clyde).

At the council, at which most of the fourth-graders are present (in The Lord of the Rings costumes, except for Kevin Stoley, who is wearing a Star Wars mask), it is decided that to determine the tape's power, they should send one of their own to watch it for a few minutes.

Für 20€ die Nacht ein gutes Schnäppchen wenn man auf nicht viel Schnickschnack steht.

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