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Since, her family has been catapulted into the spotlight with multiple documentaries, a wildly popular podcast titled ‘Dirty John,” and a Bravo series by the same name detailing their story.I sat down with Terra to learn more about her experiences, including how she was able to kill John out of self defense and the trauma she still carries to this day. Billie Lee, trans activist and ' Vanderpump' Rules star, joins Alyssa this week to discuss her journey to self discovery, her time on the Bravo hit show and more.Nothing is off limits - especially when it comes to convo surrounding dating.

We're answering questions submitted by our followers, dishing on our friendship and talking about our biggest fears.

People often have a lot of questions regarding how “influencers” make money or how social media could be legitimate business.

In part 2 of Alyssa's influencer segment, she chats with Katie of @Katies Bliss, who shares a similar career background.

The two are both former publicists turned full-time influencers.

In this episode, nothing is off limits - from nyc apartment hunting stories to dating troubles to personal life issues - Alyssa and Heather cover it all.

Alyssa sits down with Paige De Sorbo of Bravo TV’s Summer House.

During this week’s episode you’ll come to learn that there is nothing average about @Average Fashion Blogger.

The aspiring actress has cultivated an online community of die-hard followers that laugh along to her viral videos where she playfully pokes fun at influencers.

She also answers your career questions as they pertain to influencer stuff and public relations. Alyssa is joined by friend Lexi Stout to answer all of your questions - from family drama, to financial troubles to dating disasters - the girls give their honest and hilarious advice.

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